Monday, July 28, 2014

Registration Update

We're just over three weeks to go before the start of practice. I hope your summer, and summer training, are going well. As of this writing, there are six people registered for cross country. Remember you can't try out (for us, this means practice with the team) until the registration process is completed. All registration information can be found here:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Schedule Updates

Greetings and hopefully the summer training is going well! If you've visited this site previously you probably noticed the schedule listed on the right. A couple of updates to the schedule worth noting:

• I'm happy to announce that Wayland will be returning to the Clipper Relays at Newburyport's Maudslay Park. This meet will kick off the season on Saturday September 6th. It's a relay format, with teams of 3 people each running a 2 mile course. This is a very popular meet (teams have to be turned away every year) and the park is a great spot for racing.

• The dual meet at Bedford will take place Tuesday September 23rd, not the next day as originally listed on this page. This avoids any potential conflicts with Rosh Hashanah observances which begin at sundown Wednesday.

Stay cool and keep running!

- Coach Mayall

Monday, July 7, 2014

Reminder about Registration and Physicals

It's still well before the start of practice but I wanted to share with you this information about registration and physicals that the AD shared with all coaches of fall sports. For us, "tryouts" means the beginning of practice:

There are three steps to being able to play sports in the fall.  Steps 1 and 2 must be done before tryouts.  Payment is required before an athlete may receive a uniform or play in a scrimmage/game.

1.  FAMILY ID - All athletes must register through FamilyID.  This is Step #1 and everyone must do it (you need not pay as part of the FamilyID registration process).  I will provide coaches with updated lists throughout the summer.
2.  PHYSICAL - Once students have registered through FamilyID, our nurse will check their Physical.  The checking of physicals will begin the first week of August.  Physicals should be dropped off at school (in the front office since our nurse is not in during the summer).
3a.  PAYMENT - This is done through Unipay and can be done immediately following the FamilyID piece (or can be done at a later date).
3b   Fee Waivers - Some students will qualify for an athletic fee waiver (depends on family income).  Form can be found here (takes 10 seconds to complete).

 All registration info can be found here....