Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Today's meet is POSTPONED to October 21st

Due to waterlogged conditions and the threat of more heavy rain in the afternoon, today's meet has been pushed back to October 21st. We will be practicing, meet in the fieldhouse for the team warmup. Today's workout will be the session originally scheduled for Friday:

10 minute warmup, 4-6x4 minute repeats at 80% effort (i.e. effort level 8) with 2 minute recoveries, 10 minute cool down. Along the flat surface of the Weston aqueduct east of Happy Hollow, not quite at race pace effort. This workout, like Monday's, will be done in groups of similar fitness level.

When you get home after practice I recommend stuffing your shoes with newspaper to help dry them out.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Week 5 Training Plan - 9/28-10/4

This week marks a change in the nature of the training we'll be doing. For one, the next three weeks will have the highest volume of training for the entire season. In addition, the schedule sets up such that we'll be able to fit in a more regular, predictable pattern with meets on Wednesday only for the next three weeks. The weekly circuit training of the last month is a thing of the past. Instead there will be two harder workouts besides the meet; a session of shorter, faster repeats and a longer more moderately paced workout. One of these will be on Monday, the other on Friday.

Mon 9/28 - 10-15 minute warmup jog, hill repeats on the Hultman aqueduct, 10-15 minute cool down jog. The stretch we'll be running today isn't actually entirely on a hill, but rather starts out flat and then tilts up. The number of repeats will vary depending on the person, but will likely fall in the range of 6 to 12. The recovery is a jog (not walk) back down to the starting point. It's key to approach this workout with patience, holding something in reserve at the start and picking it up as the workout goes along. The last 2 or 3 reps should be at race pace if not a bit quicker.

Tue 9/29 - hill drills followed by 35-50 minutes at a moderate intensity (4-6) including 5x100m run outs at race pace. The route or loop today is up to you. In addition to the day's run there'll be a discussion of how to approach tomorrow's meet.

Wed 9/30 - Home dual meet vs. Newton South and Waltham. More information will be forthcoming in a subsequent post. Don't forget that the race day protocol includes a cool down jog after your race of 10-20 minutes.

Thu 10/1 - 40-60 minutes at a low to moderate intensity (3-5), out and back along the Hultman aqueduct heading east from Maiden Lane. Since we're no longer doing circuits on the track, when you get back from the run you'll be doing a post-run series of core exercises. This will include some of the things you did during the circuits without the repeats on the track.

Fri 10/2 - 10 minute warmup, 4-6x4 minute repeats at 80% effort (i.e. effort level 8) with 2 minute recoveries, 10 minute cool down. Along the flat surface of the Weston aqueduct east of Happy Hollow, not quite at race pace effort. This workout, like Monday's, will be done in groups of similar fitness level.

Sat 10/3 - 45-80 minutes at a low to moderate intensity, level 3-6. Ideally it should start easy and gradually get a bit quicker by the end. Very important to allow your body to absorb the training of the week by taking it easy and not forcing the issue overly today. There will be an optional practice meeting at 9 AM for those interested, site TBA. We might return to Lincoln, the other possibility being the Assabet River NWR in Sudbury.

Sun 10/4 - off

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Frank Kelley Invitational Results

Overall meet results - WHS is in Division 2


pictures - most but not all races included (sorry boys JV)

On the whole, impressive racing on a fast course with generally favorable conditions all around. Special recognition to the medal winners (top 25 in their race):

Sarah Tully 4th - varsity
Zach Last 22nd - varsity
David Ahearne 19th - 9th grade

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Types of cross country courses

Not all cross country courses are created equal. Here's an overview of the general types of course conditions you'll encounter. Note that some courses, like ours, are not all one type or another, but a mix of different types. 

Grass Track Meet - smooth, good footing, dry, relatively flat terrain:

Rollercoaster - courses that deviate significantly from the horizontal. In other words, up and down figure prominently. Add in rocks, roots, sand, etc. and it can slow things down significantly:
Approaching the finish of the Loon Mountain Race on the Upper Walking Boss ski trail.

Road races - Not at all in the spirit of the sport, but in some cases there's no choice but to have some or most of the course on pavement. Typically course designers try to keep pavement to a minimum. Rarely seen around here, thankfully:

Southern California

Mudbath - add water (in liquid or frozen form) and lots of foot traffic to even the smoothest course and slippery conditions that slow everyone down is the inevitable result:
Franklin Park in Boston - finish of the 1992 IAAF World Championship Senior Women's race, won by Lynn Jennings who grew up in Harvard, MA! The course they ran was 6 km in length.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MSTCA Frank Kelley Invitational - 9/26/15

Meet Site: 
Wrentham Developmental Center. The address is 131 Emerald Street, however the race course is located a little further down the road, in the large field at the intersection of Emerald Street and Shear St. This is across the street from the William A. Rice Recreation Area.

Bus time 7:30

Race Schedule and Entries (time cutoff in parentheses):

9:30 - JV boys 5k (25 minutes): Brewton, Butler, D. Comettant, Estrada, Goren, Jacobs, Memoli, Pachter, Porter, Zhu
9:56 - JV girls 5k (28 minutes): Moran
10:18 - 9th grade boys 3k (16 minutes): Ahearne, J. Kunen, Stafford
10:33 - 9th grade girls 3k (18 minutes): Adelman, Walsh
10:50 - Varsity boys 5k (22 minutes): Chaet, Chan, Chase, Dawson, Kay, Last, Luo  
11:15 - Varsity girls 5k (26 minutes):  A. Kunen, Lorenc, McCarthy, Sheffres, Tully

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast: Sunny with temperatures in the high 50s to mid 60s depending on race time. A massive improvement over the conditions at this meet a year ago!
• Numbers will be assigned to you specifically for this meet; these numbers have an RFID chip attached to the back side which interacts with a conductive mat at the finish line to record your time. The meet director has asked that athletes who aren't racing NOT wear their bib number if standing near the finish line; doing so can cause a false reading by the finish line mat. Also, don't crumple or fold your bib number.
• The meet staff has asked that no one do their warmup or cooldown among the buildings of the Wrentham Developmental Center, where patients are housed. Aside from the course itself, you can warmup and cooldown on the fields across the street. 
• A map of the course can be seen here. It's mostly flat, with some gentle roll in places. The course is entirely on grass. The freshman race ends after the second lap (3k versus 5k). JV and varsity run three laps. 
• Medals will be given to the top 25 finishers in each race.
• The finish chute will be closed when the cutoff time is reached for each race. Their idea, not mine.

What to Bring:

• Uniform
• Everyday training shoes
• Racing shoes if you have them
• Warmup clothes
• Sunscreen
• Water bottle - bring it already filled
• Snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Challenge)
• Lunch - food will be sold at the meet but it won't be particularly good or nutritious; my advice is to pack a lunch and bring it with you.

For Parents:

• A parking fee of $5 will be collected for each car.
• Dogs aren't allowed except for service animals
• We hope to return to WHS by 1:30.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Dual Meet #1 vs. Bedford results

Boys: 19-44
Girls: 23-36

Bedford wins both meets with good depth. Good racing by us on a course that is both longer and hillier than anything experienced thus far this season. Times, mile splits for boys, and pace stats can be found here.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Dual Meet #1 - Home vs. Bedford

Meet Site: Wayland High School

First race 4 PM unless you hear different from me
Athletes should arrive no later than 3 PM 

Order of races and lineups as follows:

Boys varsity - Ahearne, Chaet, Chan, Chase, Dawson, Estrada, Jacobs, Kay, Last, Luo, Pachter

Girls combined race - Adelman, DeRubeis, Freedberg, Kiefer, A. Kunen, Lorenc, McCarthy, McNamara, Mishara, Moran, Provost, Sheffres, Tully, Walsh

Boys JV - Bartick, Brewton, D. Comettant, Daley, Goren, J. Kunen, Memoli, Pak, Porter, Shapley, Stafford, Talukdar, Wang, Xu

NOTE: The girls JV race has been combined with the varsity race; boys varsity will be first race of the day, followed by girls, then boys JV

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast: temperatures in the high 60s at race time, with light breezes from the west. Cooler than last week at Franklin Park You'll want to wear more than just your uniform while warming up and cooling down. The temperature will drop by the time the meet's wrapping up. It's worth a reminder: bring clothes to wear at the meet besides your uniform.
• You'll receive a bib number that you need to wear for this and all subsequent DCL meets (i.e. weekday meets). After your race and before you leave, please return this bib number to one of the coaches.
• Be prepared to help out with setting up and/or breaking down the course before or after the meet. You may be asked to help by one of the coaches or one of the captains. 
• When Bedford arrives, there'll be a tour of the course. You're more than welcome to join the course tour, it's not restricted to the visiting team. If you have any questions about the course it's strongly recommended you tag along with the tour.

 What to Bring:

• uniform
• everyday training shoes
• racing shoes if you have them
• warmup clothes
• sunscreen
• water bottle - including a larger (24-32 oz.) bottle if you have one
• snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Challenge)

for parents:

• a map of the course can be seen here. If you stand near the start/finish line (just off the corner of the student parking lot, near the JV baseball field) you can watch most of the first mile and the last half mile of the race.

Week 4 training plan - 9/21-9/27

This week, there are two meets for most people, on Monday and Saturday, as well as a day off in the middle of the week on Wednesday. Overall training volume (time spent running) is somewhat reduced on weeks with two races like this one. On the meet days, don’t forget to cool down after your race, ideally 10-20 minutes of easy jogging. Aside from the meets, the most intense day of training will be Thursday’s circuits, which we’ll do in groups like last week.

Mon 9/21 - home meet vs. Bedford. The meet is scheduled to start at 4, it won’t begin any earlier than this although it might be later depending on what time Bedford’s teams arrive. More details on this meet will be in a separate post. This is the first full length race of the season, as opposed to the first two meets with shorter race courses.

Tue 9/22 - hill drills followed by 30-50 minutes at a low to moderate intensity. Depending on weather conditions, this could be an opportunity for another run to/from the town beach, perhaps the last of the season.

Wed 9/23 - off

Thu 9/24 - 10-20 minute warmup, circuits, 10-20 minute cool down. Note that the list of circuit exercises is now included in the “useful links” section on the sidebar to the right.

Fri 9/25 - 30-45 minutes at a moderate intensity (5-6) with 5x100 meter run outs at the end.

Sat 9/26 - Frank Kelley Invitational. More information on this meet will be forthcoming in a separate post. As a preview, note that this meet has separate races for varsity, jv, and freshmen. It also has time standards, meaning that I’m not able to enter everyone.

Sun 9/27 -  Same as Tuesday, but without the hill drills.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

DCL Relays - Wednesday 9/16

Meet Site: Playstead Field at Franklin Park, Boston.

Bus Time: 2:30 PM

First race 4:15 PM unless you hear different from me

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast: temperatures in the high 70s at race time, with light winds from the ESE. With the breeze, you'll want to wear more than just your uniform while warming up and cooling down.
• The race course will be the a loop that's roughly 3k in length. This is just under 2 miles. A baton will be passed from one runner to the next in each three person team.
• The first runner on each team is responsible for getting a baton from me before their race; the last runner on each team is responsible for returning the baton to me. Unlike the relay meet on Saturday, we are providing our own batons for this one.
• After running your race and catching your breath, be sure to do a thorough cooldown jog of 15-30 minutes. This is your chance to see more of the park if you like. 
• Return time to WHS is approximate, but we should be back by 6:30 or so.

What to bring:

• uniform
• everyday training shoes
• racing shoes if you have them
• warmup clothes
• sunscreen
• water bottle - including a larger (24-32 oz.) bottle if you have one
• snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Challenge)

for parents:

• There's a small parking lot at the corner of Circuit Drive and Pierpont Road; there's also a larger lot further down Circuit Drive, as well as on-street parking on Circuit Drive.
• If you're going to be at the meet and would like to take your child with you when their race is over, please let either Coach Lehmann or me know.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 3 Training Plan - 9/14-9/20

Week 3 Training Plan

This week includes the first weekday meet, on Wednesday. All our weekday meets are within the Dual County League. This Wednesday’s DCL meet uses the same relay format as the Clipper Relays from last Saturday with three person teams. In terms of training, we’re continuing to build endurance and gradually increase the amount of training volume from the past two weeks. Aside from the meet, we’ll be doing a higher intensity workout on Friday with the circuits. On the other days I’d like you to run more on feel, ideally building up the pace from beginning to end of the run. Note that the Dudley Pond 5k is being held this weekend and while it’s not a good idea to actually run in the race yourself (our first dual meet is the next day on Monday Sept. 21), it does offer a nice volunteer opportunity for those interested.

Mon 9/14 - off.

Tue 9/15 - hill drills followed by 30-60 minute progression run along the Weston aqueduct. Following the drills, I’ll explain how the meet tomorrow will be conducted, including the “W-day” competition between Wayland and Weston. The run will begin heading out toward Framingham along the aqueduct. Be careful at all street crossings, in particular Stonebridge in Wayland and Elm St. in Framingham. The intensity should gradually pick up from an effort level of about 3 at the start to about an 8 by the end. One way to ensure this is to head out for a little bit longer than half the intended time, then try to make it back in less time to meet your original time goal. For example, for a 40 minute run head out for 21 minutes and try to get back in 19.

Wed 9/16 - DCL Relays at Franklin Park. As mentioned above, the format of this meet is the same as the Clipper Relays, with three person teams covering the same loop three times total. The distance of the loop will be around 3k, which is just under 2 miles. You should warmup and cool down for 15 minutes apiece.

Thu 9/17 - Run to the town beach, 15 minutes aqua jogging, run back to school or get picked up from the beach. The intensity today should be relaxed after yesterday’s meet and before tomorrow’s circuits. If you’re planning on being picked up from the beach you should plan on having any bags brought there in one of the coaches’ cars.

Fri 9/18 - 15-20 minute warmup, circuits, 10-15 minute cool down. Note that the length of the warmup and cool down have been extended.

Sat 9/19 - 40-80 minutes. This is the longest effort of the week. If you like you can join us at the Lincoln commuter rail parking lot (145 Lincoln Road, Lincoln MA) at 9 AM where we’ll be running on the trails there. Whether you run at Lincoln or not, the goal for today’s run is to have it be a similar type of progression effort as Tuesday, only a little longer and not necessarily an out and back run like Tuesday's was.

Sun 9/20 - off. Today is the Dudley Pond 5k which is an event that's looking for volunteers. If you’re interested let me know.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Clipper Relays results

Split times can be viewed at this link

Overall results here

Nice work by everyone who raced on Saturday, it was a nice day to visit and a good course to run on. Overall it was a day of fast times, the overall winner on the girls side from Beverly broke the course record by a significant margin and the winner on the boys side matched the course record. Note that I took people's splits from a point where the loop ended, where Tim Dowling and I were standing. The third runner on each team proceeded on from this point another 90-100 meters or so to the finish line. This is why the total of each team's splits doesn't match the official time. For comparison purposes I didn't include that last little bit on the third runner's split time. Hopefully this explanation makes sense.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Going to 11

Below, the video clip from "Spinal Tap" wherein guitarist Nigel Tufnel explains how his special amplifiers go to 11 instead of 10:

As you prepare for the first race of the season tomorrow, please remember that when measuring perceived effort on a scale from 1 to 10, there is in fact no 11. Please, don't try pushing it that extra bit at the start. A good solid 8.5 to 9 will put you in a better spot for the latter stages of the race.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Clipper Relays - Saturday 9/12

Meet Site: Maudslay Park, 74 Curzon Mill Road, Newburyport MA

bus time: 7:00 AM, please arrive 5-10 minutes early so as not to miss the bus!

girls race: 9:15
boys race: 10:10

Meet Information:

• The current weather forecast is for mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the high 60s to low 70s at racetime, with light winds from the SW. Humidity should be at a comfortable level.
• When we arrive, the girls will begin warming up for their race; the boys will assist in setting up the tent.
• The races consist of 3 person teams, each person runs the same 2 mile course. If we have a number of runners not divisible by 3, the leftover runners can run the course as well.
• On each 3 person team, only the runner who goes last will wear a number; a baton will be passed from one runner to the next.
• Meet shirts will be sold, and there will also be a concession stand.
• While the boys are cooling down after their race, the girls will assist in breaking down the tent.
• Once the boys are done, we'll leave and stop for lunch at the Port Plaza on Storey Ave (rt. 113). There are various restaurants here including Panera, Papa Ginos, D'Angelo, and McDonalds.
• If all goes according to plan, we'll leave Newburyport sometime around 1 PM and arrive back at WHS sometime around 2-2:30 PM.

for parents:

• There's a $5 fee for the parking lot. This fee is levied by the Mass DCR, not the meet management. Carpooling isn't a bad idea if you know of other parents that plan on attending.
• If you're going to be at the meet and would like to take your child with you when their race is over, please let either me or Coach Lehmann know.

What to bring:

• uniform
• everyday training shoes
• racing shoes if you have them
• light warmup clothes
• sunscreen
• water bottle - ideally a larger (24-32 oz.) bottle if you have one, and bring it already filled
• snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Challenge)
• money for lunch

Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 2 Training Plan: 9/7-9/13

The training this week includes three days of higher intensity running--Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday--which includes the first meet of the season on Saturday. The days in between are designed to be easier and allow you to recover from and absorb the training effect of the higher intensity days. In addition to the training, uniforms will be distributed this week, starting as early as Tuesday for those who have paid the user fee. In addition, there's a team night at Marathon Sports in Wellesley this Wednesday, starting at 6 PM. This is a good opportunity to try on and purchase racing shoes if you don't have them and would like a pair. They also sell shoes that can be used for everyday training, along with all manner of running clothes and accessories. All purchases will be discounted 20% for members of the WHS team. The day by day details:

• Mon 9/7 - the final day of the Labor Day weekend, this falls under the long weekend training plan I sent out a few days ago. Ideally, over the three day weekend you ran on one day, cross trained another day, and took the other day off.

• Tue 9/8 - Warmup which will double as a tour of the first half of the course, 2-4 repeats on a loop that includes the climb up to the top of the aqueduct which is part of the course, cool down on the remaining portion of the course. The loop is about a half mile in length (roughly). The repeats can be either once around the loop or twice; the options for the workout include:
    2x 1 loop,
    3x 1 loop
    1 loop, 2 loops, 1 loop
    5x 1 loop
    2 loops, 1 loop, 2 loops, 1 loop

Each repeat should start at an intensity level of 8; the climb up the aqueduct will push you into 9 or 10, upon reaching the top and the flat aqueduct the idea is to recover somwhat back to an 8. The recovery interval after each repeat is 2/3 of the time it took to run the repeat. For example if it took 6 minutes to cover the loop, recovery time would 4 minutes. The math will likely be more complicated than that example though. It will be hot and sticky again today; be sure to bring your water bottle to practice!

• Wed 9/9 - Hill drills, run to Town Beach, 15 minutes aquajogging, return to school or get picked up at the Town Beach. Today's run will be at a low to moderate intensity (3-5). For most of you, this will be the longest workout of the week in terms of time spent. The running portion should be anywhere from 25 to 60 minutes. Walking is discouraged. If you plan on being picked up at the beach, be sure that any bags/clothes you have from school are put in one of the coaches' cars for delivery to the beach. Also, remember that the team night at Marathon Sports in Wellesley will be this evening.

• Thu 9/10 - 10-20 minute warmup, circuits, 5-10 minute cool down. If you weren't around for the first time we did circuits a week ago, be sure to check the list of 24 exercises you'll be doing today. Your cool down jog should be half the time of your warmup.

• Fri 9/11 - 25-45 minutes at a low to moderate intensity (3-6), including 4-6x100 meter pickups on grass at race pace. Today I'll also be speaking about tomorrow's meet with some advice for those new to the Clipper Relays.

• Sat 9/12 - Clipper Relays at Maudslay Park, Newburyport. More information on this meet will be forthcoming in a later post. It's worth noting here that the bus will be leaving at 7 AM, and you would do well to arrive at the high school 5-10 minutes earlier than that to avoid any last-minute stress. We hope to return between 1 and 2 PM.

• Sun 9/13 - off.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Labor Day weekend training plan

With the long holiday weekend upon us, and given the fact we won't meet again for organized practice until Tuesday, I'd like to offer a general outline for how to approach your training for the next three days. Between today and Monday I'd like for you to do the following:

• one run of average (typical) length, starting at a moderate intensity and finishing at an intensity of 7 or 8 on a scale of 10.

• one day of cross training, ideally an hour or so of continuous movement that has a good cardiovascular stimulus. Aquajogging is a personal favorite, although an hour of it is a bit much. If you have access to an elliptical machine that's a good option too. Riding a bike at a brisk speed is good as well. You can mix and match activities as you see fit to get in more total time if you like.

• one day off.

Tuesday's practice will be a series of loops on part of the home course--as it happens, a part with hills on it. I'll post the rest of the training for Week 2 sometime on Monday, so be sure to check back then.

Don't forget, next Wednesday September 9 is our team night at Marathon Sports in Wellesley.

- Coach Mayall

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Friday 9/4 optional practice

With no school tomorrow, practice on Friday won't be held at the school. Instead I'll be at the Lincoln commuter rail parking lot which is the starting point for miles of trails that stretch all the way to Walden Pond and beyond. Because this location is more than 5 miles from the school, and because it's the start of a holiday weekend and your parents may have already made other plans, this practice is optional. The address for the commuter rail parking lot is 145 Lincoln Road. There's a shopping center next to the railroad tracks anchored by a Donelan's supermarket. Next to the shopping center there's a parking lot; behind this parking lot is another long and narrow lot with numbered spaces. This numbered lot behind the main lot is where we'll meet.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015