Sunday, October 30, 2016

Week 10 Training Plan - 10/31-11/6

 This week we continue with championship season. Starting on Wednesday there will be two distinct workouts, one for the people who are racing this weekend at the Frank Mooney Invitational. This will be "Group A" in the plan below. Meanwhile, the top seven boys and top six girls will be taking the weekend off from racing and focusing on the MIAA Division 4 Eastern Mass. Championship race on November 12th. These will be "Group B" in the plan below. If you don't know which group applies to you, get in touch with me ASAP.

Mon 10/31 - 10-15 minute warmup jog, 10-12 minute tempo run, hill repeats, 10-12 minute tempo run, 10 minute cooldown. Today's workout will center on the Weston aqueduct east of Old Connecticut Path. The tempo segments will start on OCP and head north to Herland before taking a right on to the aqueduct and ending at the pumphouse (large stone building at the top of the hill). From there, 3-4 minutes recovery before doing 4-6 repeats of the hill that leads from the sidewalk along OCP up to the pumphouse. Another 3-4 minutes recovery after the final hill repeat, and then repeat the initial tempo segment. Please note, before warming up today, the tent and side flaps need to be taken out and unfolded so they can dry out from Friday. The tent need not be raised to full height; the side flaps wll need to be held down with something to keep them from blowing away. At the end of practice we'll put the tent and flaps away.

Tue 11/1 - Resistance training in the fitness center (sets of 10-8-6 reps) followed by 30-45 minutes at a low to moderate intensity. In the second half of the run, mix in 4-6 short pulses of 8-10 seconds at a faster than race pace speed.

Wed 11/2 -
Group A: hill drills followed by 25 minutes at a low to moderate intensity then 4 laps (1600m) of "ins and outs" on the track; this means run the straightaways at race pace and "float" the curves at a fresh (not slow jog) speed.
Group B: hill drills followed by 50-65 minutes starting out easy and progressing to a moderately hard intensity (fresh to good) for the last 10-15 minutes. Site for this run TBA.

Thu 11/3 -
Group A: 40-50 minutes starting out easy and progressing to a moderately hard intensity (fresh to good) for the last 10 minutes.
Group B: 15 minute warmup, sandpit loop repeats at race pace with equal time recovery, 15 minute cooldown. The number of reps will be depend on the person and on how long the loop actually is (I need to measure it still).

Fri 11/4 -
Group A: 25 minutes at a low to moderate intensity, with the last five minutes being 4-5 runs of 100 meters at race pace with 100 meter jog recoveries.
Group B: Resistance training in the fitness center (3 sets of 5 reps after a warmup set of 10-12) followed by 30-45 minutes at a low to moderate intensity.

Sat 11/5 -
Group A: Frank Mooney Invite at Wrentham Developmental Center. The bus leaves at 7:30. More information will be forthcoming, don't forget your warmup and cooldown today.
Group B - 50-70 minutes easy, progressing slightly over the last 15 minutes of the run.

Sun 11/6 - off

DCL Championship meet results



Solid racing in wet and windy conditions. Special recognition to the medal winners today: McKenna Kelemanik who won the 9th grade race in convincing fashion, Sarah Tully who finished third in the girls varsity race and Graham Macklin who was 9th in the boys varsity. On the team front the girls varsity squad was able to finish in front of Waltham without McKenna in the race; the boys finished ahead of Waltham as well as Boston Latin.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

DCL Championship Meet - 10/28/16

Meet Site: Playstead field, Franklin Park. 

Bus Time: The bus will arrive at noon, and after loading our gear we should be on the road by 12:15 at the latest. You'll be dismissed at 11:45.

Meet Schedule and Lineups:

1:00 PM Team Buses arrive and park
1:15 PM Course walk through for those who need it
1:30 PM Coaches Meeting
1:40 PM Volunteer Meeting
2:00 PM JV Boys - Daley, Dawson, Dines, Goren, Kunen, Matta, McGonagle, Pak, Puckett, Reese, Stafford, Talukdar
2:30 PM Varsity Girls - de los Reyes, McCarthy, McNamara, Tully, Walsh
3:00 PM 9th Grade Girls and Boys 3K- Kelemanik, Nagalingam
3:35 PM Varsity Boys - Ahearne, Chan, Chase, Dussault, Kay, Luo, Macklin
4:00 PM JV Girls - Comettant, Freedberg
4:30 PM Award Presentation

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast (IMPORTANT): temperatures in the high 40s to low 50s with 20-25 mph WNW winds. 40-50% chance of rain showers. The wind will have some bite to it. Dress warmly!

• All races except for the 9th grade race will be run on the 5k course. The 9th grade race will be run on the 3k course which is the same as the course used at the DCL Relays at the beginning of the season. The 3k course is the first two loops of the 5k without the third loop in the Wilderness. 
• Race protocol:
a. Runners must report to the start line 10 minutes prior to start
b. Runners will be asked to remove sweats 5 minutes prior to start
c. Runners will be warned with one minute prior to start and again at 30 seconds
d. Command for start will be “Runners Set” and then the horn or starters pistol 
• Awards will be given to the top 15 finishers in the varsity race, the top 8 JV finishers, and the top 7 9th graders. 
• Face paint and hats are not allowed.
• T-shirts will be sold for $15.
• If this is your final meet of the season, bring an extra change of clothes and after we return to Wayland you can change out of your uniform in the field house and return it to one of the coaches. 

What to bring:

• uniform
• everyday training shoes
• racing shoes if you have them
• warmup clothes including: long sleeved shirt, pants, windbreaker, gloves, hat. Remember, this will be the coldest, windiest meet conditions of the season thus far. 
• water bottle - BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLE, it does you no good sitting on a shelf at home!
• snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Festival). If you're running in a later race, bring a snack to have on the bus or when we first arrive at the park to tide you over until your race. 
• folding chair if you want something to sit on while changing shoes
• blanket to lie on under the team tent 

Information for Parents:

• The course starts and finishes between White Stadium and Pierpont Road, just north of the zoo. Parking is available at the corner of Pierpont and Circuit Drive, as well as at other lots on Circuit Drive and along the side of Circuit drive as well. While there is parking along Pierpont right next to the zoo, it's doubtful these spaces will be open to the public and if they are they'll fill up first. 

• The race can be seen multiple times from the small rise just beyond the finish line. Binoculars come in handy when viewing the racers from the other side of the field. 
• We hope to be back at WHS between 6 and 6:30 at the latest.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Week 9 Training Plan - 10/24-10/30

This week championship season begins in earnest, with the DCL Championship meet on Friday. For some, this will be their final meet of the season; others will have one and in some cases two meets beyond this Friday and thus continue with practice. This won't be the last time I mention this, but whenever your season does end, you're responsible for handing in your uniform. I'll be getting in touch with the people whose seasons are ending this Friday; they can return their uniforms to me when we return from the meet and thus avoid any difficulties or headaches.

From a training perspective, things focus down in earnest for everyone as the DCL meet on Friday is definitely a high priority for us. The main workout of the week from a fitness building perspective is on Monday; those that can't make it for that can do it on Tuesday if need be. Wednesday and Thursday are a controlled descent into Friday's meet. Note that an early dismissal from class is required on Friday as the bus will be leaving soon after noontime; more details will be forthcoming, but know that you'll need to make arrangements with your teachers of classes that meet Friday afternoon for any work you'll miss.

Finally, be aware that the long range forecast calls for progressively cooler days, with some windy conditions as well. Dress appropriately for the conditions with layers as needed.

Mon 10/24 - 10-15 minute warmup followed by 3-4 runs of 50 meters or so at race pace. Then, 4-6 sets of 600 meters at tempo pace, 200 meters jog recovery, 200 meters at race pace, 200 meters jog recovery. 10-15 minute cooldown. Your tempo pace can be calculated from the pace and effort chart I've added to the training links sidebar. We'll be doing this workout atop the Weston aqueduct behind the school, where we did a few of the short interval workouts earlier in the season. Every 100 meters along the aqueduct will be marked out over a distance of 600 meters; you'll go back and forth once for each set. Each set begins immediately upon concluding the previous one; the only recoveries are the 200 meter jogs.

Tue 10/25 - Resistance work in the fitness center followed by 30-45 minutes at a low to moderate intensity with 4-6 pulses of 10 seconds or so of faster than race pace running mixed in during the second half of the run. Site of this run TBA. The elliptigos are available to anyone who wants to ride them today. 

Wed 10/26 - hill drills followed by 50-70 minutes starting out easy and progressing to a moderate intensity. Throw in 4-6 faster than race pace pulses of 8-10 seconds on the way in. I'd like to do this run along the Hultman aqueduct but I'm open to suggestions if people have other ideas. This is the longest run of the week. Elliptigos are again available.

Thu 10/27 - 25-30 minutes at a moderate intensity. The last 5 minutes or so of the run will consist of 4-5 runs of 100 meters at race pace on the practice football field.

Fri 10/28 - DCL Championship meet, Franklin Park. More details forthcoming in a future post. Don't forget your warmup and cooldown.

Sat 10/29 - off

Sun 10/30 - Same as Tuesday for those still competing.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

William O'Connor obituary

Why I left practice early yesterday 

Coach O'Connor just over two weeks ago at the Frank Kelley Invite

I met him 25 years ago when I was working as a counselor at a summer running camp where he brought his Woburn teams. He impressed me as being dedicated, demanding, caring and also quite funny. He will be missed.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Karaoke contest voting

The time has come to vote for the best performances from Saturday night's karaoke contest on the bus ride home from Saturday's Twilight Invitational. If you were there, you won't soon forget it, and you can vote here for the top 3 songs as performed by your teammates. As a refresher, here's what we heard:

"(I've Had) The Time of my Life" performed by Katelyn and Sarah
"What's Up" performed by Addison and Tim
"Guns and Ships" performed by Shaelee
"Hallelujah" performed by Ab
"Sweet Caroline" performed by Cory
"Love on Top" performed by Logan
"Death of a Bachelor" performed by Shaelee and Julia

Voting closes Wednesday evening and results will be announced Thursday at practice.  

Week 8 Training Plan - 10/17-10/23

This week marks the first time since late August that we have a full week of training with no meets on the schedule. This is an important week in terms of putting an edge on your fitness, and involves two workouts--on Monday and Thursday--that are as important as anything we've done this season so far. If missed for whatever reason, they will be made up in some form the next day. We'll also be able to get in two sessions in the fitness center, on Tuesday and Friday.

At this point it's worth going over the remaining meets on the schedule:

• Our next meet on Friday October 28th (DCL Championship) is the last meet of the season that will involve the entire team all competing on the same day.

• The following weekend (November 5th) is an invitational meet at Wrentham Developmental Center. I'll be entering 9th graders and those JV athletes who have a reasonable shot of making the time standards on the Wrentham course. The top seven runners from each team won't race the first weekend of November unless they're 9th graders or unable for whatever reason to be at...

• The MIAA Eastern Mass. Division 4 Championship which is the following weekend, November 12th. This is our state tournament and when we put our top seven varsity athletes on the starting line. The following weekend (November 19th) is the All-State Meet in Gardner; in order to compete there you must qualify from the EMass D4 meet the week before.

the week's schedule:

Mon 10/17 - 10-15 minute job warmup, 200 meter in/out repeats, 10-15 minute cool down. The structure of this workout is the same as last week's 400s, only at a shorter repeat distance. A 200 meter run at race pace is followed immediately by a 200 meter run at a slower pace but not a slow jog, such that the recovery from the faster running isn't a complete recovery. The total amount of repeats will add up to somewhere between 3 and 4 miles for most people.

Tue 10/18 - Resistance work in the fitness center followed by 35-50 minutes at a low to moderate intensity with 4-6 pulses of 10 seconds or so of faster than race pace running mixed in during the second half of the run. We'll be heading out along the Weston aqueduct towards Framingham, if people like they can go on to the Getchell trail from there. The elliptigos are available to anyone who wants to ride them today. 

Wed 10/19 - Hill drills followed by 45-65 minutes starting at a low intensity and finishing somewhat faster. Today's run will be an out and back along the Hultman aqueduct heading east towards Weston; we've done this particular route before but if you have any questions let me know. In terms of effort, save something for tomorrow's workout. Like yesterday, the elliptigos will be available for those who want to split the day's training between running and the elliptigo.

Thu 10/20  - 10-15 minute warmup, 2 or 3 runs of the JV course, 10-15 minute cooldown. The workout will be structured as follows:

2 loops: first loop fresh to good effort, second loop good to hard effort
3 loops: first loop fresh, second loop good, third loop good to hard

In between each loop is a 6-7 minute recovery period. Where there's a transition from one effort level to another within a particular loop, this transition will occur at the midpoint of the course. As it happens, the midpoint is when you reach the aqueduct at the top of the hill.

Fri 10/21  - Resistance work in the fitness center followed by 30-40 minutes at a low to moderate intensity with 4 pulses of 10 seconds at faster than race pace mixed in to the second half of the run.

Sat 10/22 - 50-70 minutes. Start out easy today and if you're feeling tired or worn out from this week keep it easy throughout. For those that are interested we'll meet at the Lincoln commuter rail parking lot at 9 AM.

Sun 10/23 - off

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Twilight Invitational Results

Results by race:

9th grade Girls
10th grade Girls
JV Girls
Varsity Girls

10th grade Boys
JV Boys
Varsity Boys


A long day was well spent at the Barnstable County Fairgrounds by the WHS teams. The layout of the course is such that just about everyone starts out at a breakneck (i.e. unsustainable) pace; I was impressed with the patience displayed up and down our lineup and the ability to move through the field as others around us faltered.

This is a meet with time cutoffs, meaning if you're unable to run under the established time cutoff your name won't show up in the official results. It's worth noting that we had several athletes who had little room for error in attempting to finish under the cutoff time, requiring appropriate execution of a relatively steady pace while surrounded by the alternative. In other words, keeping your wits about you when others are losing theirs. These athletes wound up making the cut and thus showed up in the final results.

Special recognition goes to our two medal winners. McKenna Kelemanik finished third in the 9th grade girls race. Sarah Tully was our other medal winner, also taking third in the Division 2 (small schools) varsity race after spending the first couple minutes of the race behind about 30 people.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

MSTCA Bob McIntyre Twilight Invitational - 10/15/16

Meet Site: Barnstable County Fairgrounds, 1220 Nathan Ellis Hwy (rt. 151), East Falmouth, MA 02536

Bus Time: 12:30 PM. Arrive at the school a bit before this time so that we can be on the road promptly, it's a long ride!

Meet Schedule and lineups:

3:00 Coed 9th grade B race - none
3:20 9th grade girls 2.1 miles (19 minutes) - Kelemanik
3:40 9th grade boys 2.1 miles - none
4:00 10th grade girls (28 minutes) - de los Reyes, Walsh
4:30 10th grade boys (25 minutes) - Dines, Kunen, Matta, Stafford
4:57 Division 1 JV girls - n/a
5:26 Division 2 JV girls (28 minutes) - Freedberg, McNamara
5:56 Division 1 JV boys - n/a
6:22 Division 2 JV boys (25 minutes) - Daley, Dawson, Puckett, Talukdar, Zhu
6:48 Division 2 Varsity girls (26 minutes) - McCarthy, Tully
7:14 Division 2 Varsity boys (22 minutes) - Ahearne, Chan, Chase, Dussault, Kay, Luo, Macklin
7:36 Division 1 Varsity boys
8:02 Division 1 Varsity girls

The time in parentheses after each race is the cutoff for that race. Athletes who don't make the cutoff won't be recorded in the results. Their policy not mine.

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast: Temperatures in the high 50s upon arrival, dropping to the low 50s by 6 PM and then to 50 degrees or just below after sunset. Light winds from the NE.
• The top 25 finishers in each race win medals, which will be given out in the chute.
• MSTCA will be using Chip timing. Athletes who are not competing and are by the finish line should not be wearing their BIB with tag because it can be picked up by the transmitter. This will cause issues in recording places.
• The course is a loop of just over a mile that's repeated twice for the 9th grade race and three times for all other races. Course map. The course will go through one of the barns (building #11 on the map) this year. The path leading up to this barn was paved over the summer; this may affect your shoe choice, so be sure to check it out in advance.
• There will be a karaoke contest on the bus ride back from the meet. Contact me if you're interested. 

Meet helpers:

If you're not entered in any of the races but would like to go to the meet, there are slots open for assisting the coaches and your teammates. Please see me if you're interested in any of the following positions:

•Tent - carry, help set up and break down the tent. Must arrive early enough to get tent out of the storage shed. (2 people)
• Photographer - must have a camera that can take nighttime photos
• Warmup collector - bring a bag to the start line, collect warmup clothes from the people who are about to race, bring the clothes to the tent. Two people needed, one each for boys and girls races. This is an important one.

What to bring (IMPORTANT):

• uniform
• everyday training shoes
• racing shoes if you have them
• full set of warmup clothes including: long sleeved shirt, pants, windbreaker, gloves, hat
• water bottle
• snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Festival)
• folding chair if you want something to sit on while changing shoes
• blanket to lie on under the team tent
• flashlight/headlamp
DINNER for after your race. We won't be leaving the meet until sometime after 8 PM; dining options on the trip home are few and of low quality. Not to mention if you visit any restaurant near the fairgrounds that's still open, you get to wait in line for a good hour or so with 2 or 3 other teams that have also just left the meet. Long story short we won't be stopping for food on the trip back to Wayland! There is food for sale at the meet if that's your type of thing; otherwise I'd recommend preparing something in advance and bringing it with you in a small cooler or lunch bag. 

Information for Parents:

• Parking costs $5 per carload, carpooling is suggested.
• Dogs and grills are prohibited. As are drones, so leave those at home.
• The area near and next to the start/finish line area is the best area to watch the race.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Week 7 Training Plan - 10/10-10/16

This is the first week in over a month with no race scheduled on Wednesday. In fact, there's no school on Wednesday, or organized practice. More on that below. With the entire week to lead up to Saturday's meet at Falmouth, we can put more emphasis on the training sessions by making them a bit more substantial than the circuits and short intervals of September.

Not having school Monday and Tuesday complicates things a bit. The workout scheduled for Monday is an important one. We'll be meeting at 10 AM to do it. If you can't make it that day but are around on Tuesday for that day's practice at the usual time in the afternoon, it can be done on Tuesday instead.

Mon 10/10 - 10-15 minute warmup, in/out 400 repeats, 10-15 minute cooldown. The structure of this workout is that a 400 meter repeat at race pace is followed directly by 400 meters at that amount of time plus 20-25 seconds. For example, a 400 in 1:30 followed by a 400 in 1:50-55. This cycle is repeated in bundles of either "in/out/in/out" or "in/out/in/out/in" before taking a break. 3-4 "bundles" total. We're not doing this on the track, rather on a measured 400m loop on the athletic fields. Part of today's workout is practicing how to take corners more efficiently, by dropping the inside arm while taking the turn.

Tue 10/11 - hill drills followed by 45-60 minutes along the Hultman Aqueduct including 8x10 second pulses at faster than race pace with 60 second recovery jogs after each one in the middle of the run. This is the meant to be a longer and relaxed effort overall.

Wed 10/12 - Off. No school or practice today.

Thu 10/13 - Resistance training in the fitness center followed by 10 minutes easy then 3-4 laps of the practice field loop at a "good" intensity, and a 10 minute cooldown. This is a type of tempo run, meant to be done at something just a bit less than race pace.

Fri 10/14 - 30-40 minutes at a low to moderate intensity with 4x100 at race pace.

Sat 10/15 - MSTCA Twilight Invitational, Falmouth. More information will be forthcoming about this meet in a separate post. Don't forget to include both a warmup and cooldown as part of your race if you're entered in this meet.

Sun 10/16 - 40-50 minutes easy.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Wayland XC Festival - assignments and final notes

We're less than 24 hours from this year's edition of the Wayland XC Festival. The people coordinating the event are expecting a very good turnout, possibly a record number of entrants in fact. The weather forecast is for a 70% chance of a steady light rain, with temperatures in the high 50s. Bring a coat or other outer layer in case it does rain, and maybe an umbrella as well. The volunteer assignments are as follows:

• Course Marshals - direct the athletes the correct way on the course (9-11:30 AM)
Kelemanik, Stafford, Zhu
• Parking - direct those that are arriving into the various parking areas as they fill up. (7:30-9:30)
Kay, McNamara, Rand, Tully
• Finish Line - help move people through the finish chute (9:30-11:30)
Dawson, Dussault
• Registration - sign in athletes and distribute bib numbers (7:30-10)
Chan, Kiesman, Talukdar
• Photographer - take pictures of the races for the event website (9:30-11)
• Sweeper - follow behind each race on a bike making sure no one gets lost (9-11)
• Cleanup crew - pick up any trash left behind, break down tents and tables (10:30-11:30)
Ahearne, Daley, Kunen, Nagalingam, Pak, Puckett

see you all tomorrow morning!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Dual Meet #4 Results - Bedford, Boston Latin

Today was the third race in a week's time for many of you, with some impressive results in a competitive meet. Times and splits can be seen here. The girls meet came down to the tiebreaker after being tied at 29 points for the first five finishers from each team. Host Bedford took the win with the faster sixth runner but everyone who ran acquitted themselves well today. The boys had a very competitive meet with Boston Latin despite missing our top two runners who were out with illness. The next meet for most people isn't for another 10 days, and the mext meet after that isn't for another 13 days after that which means we'll be able to get in a solid block of training. As the dual meet regular season comes to a close and the big meet post season starts up, look forward to making gains in fitness between now and the end of October and beyond.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Dual Meet #4 - Bedford, Boston Latin 10/5/16

Meet Site: Bedford High School, 9 Mudge Way

bus time: 2:15

First race 4:15 PM unless you hear different from me

Girls will be followed by boys; one race for each gender

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast: sunny with temperatures in the mid 60s at race time, with light breezes from the NE. You'll want to wear more than just your uniform while warming up and cooling down. The temperature will start to drop by the time the meet's wrapping up. Bring clothes to wear at the meet besides your uniform.
• Once again you'll be required to wear your DCL bib number. 
Like our meet against Newton South and Waltham two weeks ago, this will be a double dual with three separate meets contested concurrently.
• The Bedford coach says the tour will take no more than 30 minutes. 
• A map of Bedford's course can be seen here. It's quite flat, and about a third of it is on pavement. Start and finish are on the track encircling the football field. 

What to Bring:

• uniform
• everyday training shoes
• racing shoes if you have them
• warmup clothes
• water bottle - BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLE, it does you no good sitting on a shelf at home!
• snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Festival)

for parents:

• The best (only) place to watch the race apart from the start and finish at the track is along Railroad Ave. near the middle school parking lot. See the course map linked above.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Week 6 Training Plan - 10/3-10/9

This week the nature of the training we do changes. The circuit training and short interval sets that we did last month will give way to longer, continuous workouts that emphasize running for sustained periods of time at or a bit slower than your race pace. The first of these types of workouts is on Friday; next week there will be two such workouts leading up to our next invitational meet on October 15th. These workouts are challenging, but you've built up your fitness over the past month. The overall training volume will remain high for the next two weeks before dropping down towards the end of October and championship racing season.

Sunday October 9th is the Wayland XC Festival which is our major fundraiser. Last week I posted a list of volunteer opportunities for this event and thus far I've heard back from over a dozen people. If you're not one of those, please let me know which of the remaining slots you'd be interested in:

• 1-2 Course Marshals - direct the athletes the correct way on the course (9-11:30 AM)
• 1-2 Parking - direct those that are arriving into the various parking areas as they fill up. (7:30-9:30)
• 2 Finish Line - help move people through the finish chute (9:30-11:30)
• 1 Registration - sign in athletes and distribute bib numbers (7:30-10)
• 1 photographer (9:30-11)

Mon 10/3 - off. There is no practice today. My expectation is that instead of running today you will run on Sunday. If this isn't possible and you're not observing the holiday today, you can do Sunday's workout today.

Tue 10/4 - hill drills followed by 40-50 minutes including 8x10 second pulses at faster than race pace with 60 second recovery jogs after each one in the middle of the run. Today is team picture day; bring your uniform to practice in addition to clothes you can wear for the day's run which you won't be doing in your uniform.

Wed 10/5 - Dual Meet #4 vs. Bedford and Boston Latin at Bedford High School. Bus time 2:15. With three teams participating the meet will be a "double dual" format, i.e. three separate dual meets contested at once. With three teams present, it's most likely that there will be separate varsity and JV races for each gender. In this case, the boys JV race is first, followed by girls varsity, boys varsity, and girls JV. Bedford's course map can be seen here, the first mile is mostly on pavement and overall the course is quite flat. Regardless of when you're running, take the time beforehand to do a thorough warmup incorporating most of what we do on a daily basis at the start of practice. After your race at least 10 minutes of light jogging is expected, and your legs will thank you for it over the next few days. Don't forget there's an assigned bib number for each member of the team.

Thu 10/6 - followed by 45-70 minutes at a low to moderate intensity heading west along the Weston Aqueduct towards Framingham. Some people will be heading out along the Weston aqueduct and back along the Hultman. The intensity level of this run should start at a 3 or 4 out of 10 and progressing to 6 or so for the trip back to the school. Don't overdo it today given yesterday's race and tomorrow's longer workout. We'll be looking for volunteers to ride the elliptigo bikes.

Fri 10/7 - 10-15 minute warmup, progression run on the WHS athletic fields, 10-15 minute cooldown. The progression run is broken up into thirds; the first third is at "fresh" intensity, the middle third at "good," the final third at "hard" i.e. race pace. The overall duration of the progression will be either 24 or 27 minutes.

Sat 10/8 - 50-90 minutes. Start out easy today and if you're feeling tired or worn out from this week keep it easy. For those that are interested we'll meet at the Lincoln commuter rail parking lot at 9 AM.

Sun 10/9 - 30-40 minutes including 6-8x10 second pulses at faster than race pace in the middle of the run. Today is the Wayland XC Festival, if you like you can do the day's run from the school after you're done with your volunteering duties. 

Sunday, October 2, 2016

MSTCA Frank Kelley Invitational Results

Splits and times for WHS athletes

varsity boys official results

varsity girls official results

JV and 9th grade results

Overall some very well executed races by Wayland runners today in our first visit to the Wrentham course that will host the MIAA Eastern MA Championship races later on in the season. The ground was soft and wet underfoot from yesterday's heavy rains, which made for a somewhat slower course than if it had been dry. This didn't prevent people from racing well and judiciously pacing themselves early on relative to most of the competition. Congratulations to Sarah Tully (2nd in the girls varsity race), McKenna Kelemanik (3rd, girls 9th grade) and Graham Macklin (15th, boys varsity) who won medals for finishing in the top 25 overall.