Friday, November 21, 2014

Awards Ceremony recap

It was great to see so many members of both teams at last night's WHS Boosters Awards Ceremony. The program was well represented from what I saw on the stage. The Booster Awards for Cross Country were given to the following team members:

The Jim Griffin Booster Award is given to a varsity senior athlete (if appropriate) who has shown outstanding merit in the areas of leadership, sportsmanship, team spirit, and athletic ability. These qualities should be present both on and off the field. Only an athlete in good academic and personal standing should be considered.

Boys: Nick Greenwood
Girls: Julia Jofe

The Hal Barnett Unsung Hero Award is given to a varsity team member who shows what hard work and dedication can mean in improving the overall quality and well being of the team. The criteria for this award are: hard work, willingness to do what is needed for the best interest of the team, and good attendance at practices and games.

Boys: John Cocce
Girls: Maddy Schwartz

The Buzz Bowers Sportsmanship Award is to be presented to a varsity player whose behavior is characterized by fair play, shows generosity, and general concern for others and demonstrates sportsmanship in a loss and is a gracious winner.

Boys: Nick Galang
Girls: Sophia Butler

In addition, the following team-specific awards were given out by the coaches in the subsequent breakout session:

Most Improved:

Boys: Tucker Moody
Girls: Nika Bauerova

Rookie of the Year:

Boys: Zhenyang Luo
Girls: Abby McCarthy

Coaches Award:

Eli Bucher

Most Valuable Performer:

Boys: Graham Macklin
Girls: Sarah Tully

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated this season. Coach Lehmann and I both had a great time working with you this fall. Best of luck to the seniors who have just completed their high school cross country careers. For the senior group, whether or not you ever toe the line in another cross country race again our hope is that you have many fond memories of your time running for WHS. In addition we hope that the experience you had at WHS will leave you inclined to continue with your running and/or fitness in general.

We look forward to seeing the underclassmen next August (the 27th in fact) when practice begins. Between now and then, there will be a pre-season interest meeting sometime in June. Stay tuned for an update on that. For the time being, this blog will go into a state of digital hibernation, although it's possible an update or two may show up between now and the 2015 pre-season meeting. Finally, in a less celebratory note, if you're among the small group that has yet to return your uniform please do this at your earliest convenience, either to Mr. Cass or Ms. Sullivan in the Athletic Department.

Thanks again and happy trails!

- Coach Mayall

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Boosters Award Ceremony and varsity lists

The WHS Athletic Boosters Award Ceremony will be held Thursday evening November 20th at 6 PM in the theater. Following the ceremony which will recognize athletes from all fall sports, we'll move on to room B244 (Coach Lehmann's classroom) for a separate, cross country only meeting which will begin within 10 minutes of the ending of the ceremony in the theater. At the breakout meeting we'll recognize the recipients of team-specific awards such as Most Improved, Rookie of the Year, and MVP. There will be some other, more light-hearted prizes given out as well. All are invited to attend and we hope to see you there! We also hope to be done by around 8 PM.

I also want to recognize on this blog the athletes on this year's team who earned varsity status. For this distinction, the coaching staff used the criteria listed below:

1. Athletes who competed at the MIAA EMass Divisional Championship meet. As our sport's version of the state tournament, this is the meet that features the top runners from each program.

2. Athletes who have participated in cross country at WHS for at least three years. This level of commitment and dedication to the team and the sport is worthy of recognition, as such any athlete with three or four years of participation is deserving of varsity status. The coaches will also consider seniors with two years of participation, depending on characteristics like attendance, attitude, and commitment to the team and their own improvement.

The boys varsity:

Eli Bucher
John Cocce
Nick Galang
Nick Greenwood
Addison Kay
Zach Last
Zhenyang Luo
Graham Macklin
Josh McCarthy
Tucker Moody

The girls varsity:

Kathleen Barrow
Sophia Butler
Jessie Henning
Julia Jofe
Emma Kiefer
Abby McCarthy
Caroline Provost
Maddy Schwartz
Erica Sheffres
Sarah Tully

Saturday, November 15, 2014

MIAA All-State Meet Results

The season wrapped up today at Franklin Park with the MIAA All-State Meet. Graham Macklin and Sarah Tully both had excellent races against fast and deep fields. Graham was 57th out of 179 finishers in the Boys Division 2 (small school) race. The early pace up front was blistering, which had a ripple effect back through the entire field. It's no exaggeration to say that Graham wasn't in the top half of the field at the mile mark, but steadily worked his way through the field in the second half of the race and in particular the final mile.

Boys results here

In the Girls Division 2 race, Sarah Tully finished 12th in a superlative display of patience and toughness. The lead pack went out quickly in the early stages, and Sarah was no better than 35th at the mile mark (both coaches lost count). Just past halfway she was 27th, at the two mile mark 22nd. Sarah made the Wilderness loop work for her by passing ten people in the final mile. Great stuff to watch. Among the many runners Sarah beat out today were:

• everyone from the Western Mass. small school race last week
• the top two from the Central Mass. small school race last week
• the top runner from Milton who beat her last week and also beat her at the Twilight Meet in October
• the two runners who beat her at The Frank Kelley Invite in Wrentham back in September
• the top two runners from Tyngsborough who beat her at the Twilight Meet
• the top runner from Bishop Stang who beat her at the Twilight Meet and ran a time 20+ seconds faster than her last week in the EMass D6 race

Girls results here

Sunday, November 9, 2014

MIAA EMass Division 4 results

Yesterday at Wrentham we had many noteworthy performances in the Eastern Mass D4 Championship races. The results can be found here:



Graham Macklin and Sarah Tully both punched their ticket for next Saturday's All-State Meet at Franklin Park. Graham is the first male runner from WHS to qualify since Brett Baker in 2010. Sarah qualified for the second year in a row. Both ran smart, well-executed races in chilly conditions on a course that was soft underfoot. They weren't alone either as the rest of the WHS runners also acquitted themselves well. The boys were 12th as a team, girls 19th.

Stay tuned for upcoming details about our final meeting of the season, as part of the Booster Awards Night on November 20th. Finally, if you still have all or part of your uniform, please return it ASAP. You can give it to Coach Lehmann or bring it to practice on Monday, Thursday or Friday of this week.

Friday, November 7, 2014

MIAA Division 4 Championship Meet - 11/8/14

Meet Site: 
Wrentham Developmental Center. The address is 131 Emerald Street, however the race course is located a little further down the road, in the large field at the intersection of Emerald Street and Shear St. This is across the street from the William A. Rice Recreation Area.

Bus time 7:00

Race Schedule and Entries:

Boys race at 9:00
Girls race at 10:20
awards TBA                    

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast (IMPORTANT): Temperatures in the high 30s to low 40s with winds from the west at 5-10 mph. In short, cold. Dress appropriately including layers to wear when you're either waiting for your race or after having completed your cooldown.  

• Report to the starting line 10 minutes before your race is scheduled to start; keep your sweats on until the meet officials at the starting line tell you to remove them. 
• Numbers will be assigned to you specifically for this meet; these numbers have an RFID chip attached to the back which interacts with a conductive mat at the finish line to record your time. The meet director has asked that athletes who aren't racing NOT wear their bib number if standing near the finish line; doing so can cause a false reading by the finish line mat. Also, don't crumple or fold your bib number.
• The meet staff has asked that no one do their warmup or cooldown among the buildings of the Wrentham Developmental Center, where patients are housed. Aside from the course itself, you can warmup and cooldown on the fields across the street. 

• A map of the course can be seen here. It's basically flat, with some gentle roll in places. The course is entirely on grass. 

What to Bring:

• Uniform
• Everyday training shoes
• Racing shoes if you have them
• Multiple layers of clothing including clothes to wear while warming up and cooling down, in addition to dry warm clothes for after your race. 

• Water bottle - BRING YOUR WATER BOTTLE, it does you no good sitting on a shelf at home!
• Snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Challenge)

• Folding chair
• Blanket
• Lunch if you like for the trip back, or else a snack for after your race

For Parents:

• A parking fee of $5 will be collected for each car.
• We hope to return to WHS by sometime around noon.

• Dogs aren't allowed on or near the course, best to leave them home. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

MSTCA Invitational Results and Week 10 Training Plan - 11/3-11/10

A small group of WHS athletes braved conditions that only a duck could love to have some very good races yesterday morning at the MSTCA Invite. Among the highlights were Zhenyang Luo's 27th place finish in a very competitive 9th grade race, which earned him a medal, and Julia Jofe ending her high school cross country career in style with a well-executed personal best effort. Results for the meet can be found here.

For those that are racing this coming Saturday at the MIAA Eastern MA Division 4 Championship meet, here is the training plan for the upcoming week:

With the Division 4 EMass race coming up on Saturday there's one workout of substance this week, the rest is sharpening. The folks who wrapped up their seasons last week had good success with this type of plan. Beginning Wednesday, pay attention to the weather forecast so you have an idea of what to expect. There'll be a separate post on this blog later this week about Saturday's meet, stay tuned for that. 

• Monday 11/3 - 60-65 minutes with the first 30 minutes easy, the next ten somewhat quicker than that, the next ten about 70% effort, and the last ten minutes at about 80% effort. Core circuit after the run. This is a good day for a relatively flat, out and back route. This is also a run you should be doing with the people you normally do more structured, timed workouts (like tomorrow's). If the weather forecast for chilly temperatures holds, consider doing the warmup in the field house. 

• Tuesday 11/4 - 10 minute warmup, 3x1600 on the track with each lap faster than the lap before it. The first two laps should average out to 10-15 seconds/mile slower than race pace; the third lap should be about race pace; the last lap something faster. 3.5 minute recoveries between each. After the third repeat, 5 minutes of easy jogging then 4x100m on the turf field at 90% effort with a jog back recovery. 10 minute cool down. 

• Wednesday 11/5 - 40 minutes easy on your own. Progress the pace slightly toward the end if you feel up to it. Otherwise take it easy throughout. Start checking the weather today. 

• Thursday 11/6 - 30 minutes easy followed by 400-300-200-100 on the track at race pace. 

• Friday 11/7 - 15 minute warmup, 8x100 meter runs at 90% effort with a minute rest, 5 minute cool down.

• Saturday 11/8 - 15 minute warmup, MIAA EMass Division 4 Championship, 15 minute cool down. Boys will be racing at 9 AM, the first race of the day. Girls will run at 10:15. 

• Sunday 11/9 - off.