Sunday, August 28, 2016

Where to go on the elliptigo

As people are "certified" to ride the elliptical bikes off campus, the obvious question is where to ride them. I mention in the orientation that we'd like to avoid riding on roads with a great deal of car traffic. There are a few options in the immediate area where there are side streets with fewer cars around. Mostly these areas are to the south and west of WHS, in Framingham and Sudbury. I've taken some screenshots with these areas highlighted, which are included below. For each of these three screenshots, study the layout and note the location of the school and Old Connecticut Path (aka route 126) which is the main road that runs in front of the school. Click on the screenshot to see an enlarged version.

To start with, very close to the school are a few cul-de-sacs where you can ride safe in the knowledge that the only cars are from those who live on the actual street. These spots aren't extensive and putting in any kind of time means doing lots of loops or going back and forth repeatedly, but could still be a good option for your first few trips beyond the campus:

The next area is further afield from the school and includes the part of Framingham just west of the Sudbury River (which is the Wayland/Framingham town line in this area). In addition there are side streets that branch off Potter Road in Framingham to the southernmost part of Sudbury. Note here that Stonebridge Road in Wayland becomes Potter Road in Framingham, and Elm Street in Framingham becomes Landham road in Sudbury:

Heading south on route 126 from the school, there are a few neighborhoods directly off the road as well as the Framingham section of the Cochituate Rail Trail. The rail trail is a flat straight paved walking and biking path that was formerly the site of a railroad bed. It's not that long (1.2 miles) and it's split in two by route 126 but there are zero cars on it. Please note when looking at this screenshot that WHS isn't on the map, it's about a mile or so further north along route 126:


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