Friday, November 11, 2016

MIAA Division 4 Championship - 11/12/16

Meet Site: 
Wrentham Developmental Center. The address is 131 Emerald Street, however the race course is located a little further down the road, in the large field at the intersection of Emerald Street and Shear St. This is across the street from the William A. Rice Recreation Area.

Bus time 7:10

Please arrive a few minutes early so we can get on the road in good time. 

Race Schedule and Entries:

Girls race 9 AM
Boys race 10:30
awards 11:30                   

Meet Information:

• Weather forecast: Temperatures in the high 30s to low 40s with winds from the WNW at 10 mph. Dress appropriately including layers to wear when you're either waiting for your race or after having completed your cooldown.  

• Report to the starting line 10 minutes before your race is scheduled to start; keep your sweats on until the meet officials at the starting line tell you to remove them. Warmups will be placed in a bag which will be brought to the tent. Two volunteers from the boys team will take the girls' warmup clothes back to the tent; two volunteers from the girls team will return the favor for the boys team.
• Numbers will be assigned to you specifically for this meet; these numbers have an RFID chip attached to the back which interacts with a conductive mat at the finish line to record your time. The meet director has asked that athletes who aren't racing NOT wear their bib number if standing near the finish line; doing so can cause a false reading by the finish line mat. Also, don't crumple or fold your bib number.
• The meet staff has asked that no one do their warmup or cool down among the buildings of the Wrentham Developmental Center, where patients are housed. Aside from the course itself, you can warmup and cool down on the fields across the street. 

• A map of the course can be seen here. It's basically flat, with some gentle roll in places. The course is entirely on grass. 

• Medals will be awarded to the top 15 finishers. 

What to Bring:

• Uniform, including both jersey and team-issued shorts
• Everyday training shoes
• Racing shoes if you have them
• Multiple layers of clothing including clothes to wear while warming up and cooling down, in addition to dry warm clothes for after your race. Also, bring clothes to change into if you're returning your uniform after this meet.

• Water bottle (filled)
• Snacks for post-race (chocolate milk will be provided using proceeds from the Wayland XC Festival)

• Folding chair
• Blanket

For Parents:

• A parking fee of $5 will be collected for each car.
• We hope to return to WHS around 1 PM.

• Dogs aren't allowed on or near the course, best to leave them home.

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