Sunday, November 6, 2016

Week 11 Training Plan - 11/7-11/13

The focus of this week is the focus of your entire season--i.e. Saturday's MIAA Division 4 Championship. There's one workout of substance for you to do which is on Monday, the rest is sharpening. Please note that there's no organized practice on Thursday, you're expected to do that workout on your own. On Friday, we'll be meeting for a final fairly short practice at 8:30 AM. This is because the girls are the first race of the day Saturday morning, at 9 AM.

Mon 11/7 - 10 minute warmup, 3x2 laps of the practice field loop with 3.5 to 4 minute recoveries. The first lap should be at tempo pace; the first half of the second lap should be around race pace; the rest of the way should be something faster. After the third repeat, 5 minutes of easy jogging then 4x100m on the turf field at 90% effort with a jog back recovery. 10 minute cool down.

Tue 11/8 - Resistance training in the fitness center followed by 30-40 minutes at a low to moderate intensity.

Wed 11/09 - hill drills followed by 40-50 minutes at a moderate intensity. 5-6 pulses of 8-10 seconds at faster than race pace in the second half of the run. Site of this run TBA.

Thu 11/10 - 20 minutes at a low to moderate intensity followed by 5 sets of 30 seconds hard (race pace) alternating with 30 seconds "float" at a fresh intensity (not jog). Finish off with 10 minutes of easy jogging. This workout is on your own, and you'll need a watch with a stopwatch function to do it. Get one at practice on Wednesday if need be.

Fri 11/11 - 25 minutes at a moderate intensity. 5x100 meters at race pace in the last five minutes of the run. Today's practice will be at 8:30 AM. There's no school today in observance of Veteran's Day.

Sat 11/12 - MIAA EMass Division 4 Championship. More info forthcoming in a subsequent post, but it's worth noting here that the girls will be racing at 9:00 and the boys at 10:30.

Sun 11/13 - off

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